Who We are

Willis Engineers is a small consulting engineering firm founded in 1962 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We specialize in water and wastewater systems, primarily for local governments and public utilities.  We provide the full range of services necessary for design, construction administration, and operations assistance for these complex systems.  We design and help build technically superior facilities to ensure lasting performance and efficient operation. 

Our Difference Is Our Strength

Despite our small size, Willis Engineers is able to successfully undertake large and complex projects because we are well organized, very efficient and have a level of experience unsurpassed in our industry.  Unlike many design firms we have intentionally limited our scope of services to public utilities. This singular focus ensures that we provide the highest quality of work for each client that we serve on every project we undertake.

Staying True To Our Profession

Over the history of our firm, we have witnessed a shift in the engineering profession away from client-centered consulting.  We continue to view engineering not as a commodity to sell, but as a service we provide.  At Willis Engineers, we know that successful projects still require that we design facilities with lasting quality and continue to tenaciously advocate on behalf of our clients.  These principals have always been, and will continue to be the hallmark of Willis Engineers.


Willis Engineers provides comprehensive water and wastewater engineering services to municipalities and public utilities throughout the Carolinas.  We have the capability to plan, design and oversee construction of technically superior facilities providing long lasting and economical value for our clients.  Examples of this work can be found in the Portfolio Section.