The City of Morganton’s Water Treatment Plant was constructed in 1956, and over the years has been expanded and renovated several times.  The Plant includes nine filters with three different generations of filter bottoms.  In 2011, the City recognized the need to upgrade the filters and hired Willis Engineers to assist in designing the necessary improvements with minimal interruptions to service.

In addition to replacing the media, the filter bottoms were renovated and the concrete basin walls were rehabilitated.  The backwash efficiency of the filters was further increased by replacing the existing surface sweep system with a new air scour system. Concrete repairs were completed as needed throughout construction in order to maximize the available budget.

The project was successfully completed in the summer of 2013 at a cost of approximately $1,450,000, $55,000 under budget, allowing the City to utilize the remaining funds for other Plant improvements.

Renovated Filter Bottoms

Filter Bottoms Before Renovation

Air Scour System