The majority of the City’s main distribution water line conveying water from the Water Treatment Plant to the northern portion of the City is made of asbestos cement, which has been problematic for the City.  To eliminate the risk associated with this pipe, the City hired Willis Engineers to provide design and construction phase services to replace the aging 20-inch water line.  Due to the size and difficult construction corridor it was determined that the project would be designed and constructed in two phases.

Phase 1 includes approximately 3,150 feet of 20-inch water line, 3,000 feet of 12-inch water line and a crossing under US-74.  Construction sequencing and close coordination were significant components of the design as the Scotland Memorial Hospital is directly served by the aging water line.  To continue reliable service during construction approximately 1,400 feet of 3-inch HDPE temporary water line will be constructed to maintain water service for the Hospital and a nearby skilled nursing facility.